Services and Fees

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Dog Walking:

$20.00 per thirty minute visit for 1 dog $2.00 for each additional dog

      • We walk your dog, provide fresh water, feed (when requested), spend time playing/petting, and leave time for lots of “lovin”.
      • We also leave you a written note, detailing how our time with your dog was spent.
      • Your pet will be walked at the same time each visit reinforcing consistency in their day.
      • If you need to cancel a scheduled visit, we do ask for the courtesy of a 24 hour cancellation notice so that we can adjust our scheduling.


15 minute increments of additional time are available.

Early/Late Dog walks: $5.00 Surcharge

      • For walks scheduled before 8:00 a.m. or after 9:00 p.m., a surcharge will be added to the regular price of a walk.

Mid Day Dog walks

      • We offer discounted mid-day dog walking packages.  Please call for pricing.

Cat visits

$20.00 for a thirty minute visit for 1 cat $2.00 for each additional cat

      • We give your kitty fresh water and food (when applicable), clean out the litter box, play, and spend quality time with your cat.
      • The health, well being, and safety of your cat is our main concern and because of this we require a minimum of 1 visit per day

Rabbits, gerbils, birds, fish: Please call for pricing

Emergency Visit Fee – $25.00

      • This fee is for a pet visit that is not scheduled in advance.  Everyone has unexpected emergencies from time to time (have to stay late at the office, etc.) and we try to accommodate our clients when possible. We are always concerned about your animals welfare and well being and would not like to have any animal suffer needlessly. It is always helpful to have at least two (2) hours notice to help with our scheduling.

Additional Fee – $15.00 per hour

      • This fee is for any unexpected extra time we may incur caring for your pets (example: not being able to put your pet back in the house or inside their crate). This does not happen often, but if we need to spend more time than the normal visit with your pet, it may result in the pet sitter being late for their next pet visit.

Initial Consultation – FREE!

      • At the initial consultation, we come to your home to meet you and your pet and get to know your pet a little bit better.  This is when we discuss any questions or concerns you may have.
      • We do an in-depth interview to obtain all the information we need, fill out authorization forms,  and set up a regime that is specifically customized to to give  your pet the best care possible.
      • You will need to provide us with 2 sets of keys to your home/apt at this time. One set will be given to your pet walker and the other set will remain in our office for emergency purposes.
      • This first consultation is FREE
      • If a second consultation is needed, or we need to return to your home to pick up keys, there will be a charge of $15.00.

Last minute Consultation – $20.00

      • A visit for all pets must be preceded by an initial consultation so that we are able to obtain the information we need to care for your pet and fill out necessary authorization forms.
      • Reservations made less than 24 hours before a pet visit is needed will incur a charge for an initial consultation, which otherwise would be free of charge.

Overnight Stay –  In your home

      •   Please call for details and pricing.

Holiday Fees – An additional surcharge applies to the following holidays: Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day & New Years Day.  Please call for details.

Pet Vet Visit – $25.00 per hour

      • Don’t take time off from work! We will transport your pet to the vets office for you
      • We will call you from the vets office so that you can speak to the doctor about your pet’s condition personally, as well as OK your pets treatment. You must be able to be reached by cell phone!

Referral Fee -You will receive 20% off of one pet visit when you refer a new client to us.

      • This must be used within a six month period of time.
      • We must also be given a minimum of two days prior notice to allow for our scheduling.

 House Sitting –  Please call for pricing.

      • If you are planning a  vacation  or need to travel for business  let us help you have a worry free trip by keeping your home maintained and secure  while you are away.  We water your plants, take in the mail, etc, etc.  We customize a plan for you that fits your needs.


We proudly service Annapolis and the Anne Arundel County Area!